This is the list of researchers with whom I have/had interactions over the past few years and with whom I have one or more papers together published or on arxive, not couting the papers with more than 10 authors.

Stanford University, California – USA

Prof. Vahe’ Petrosian, Dr. Omodei Nicola, Prof. Trevor Hastie

RIKEN, Tokyo, Japan

Prof. Nagataki Shigehiro Dr. Hirotaka Ito, Dr. Matsumoto, Jin, Prof. Herman Lee, Prof. Mao, Jinrong

Leicester University, United Kingdom

Prof. Obrien Paul, Prof. Willingale Richard

University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Dr. Gompertz, Ben

UNAM University, Mexico 

Prof. Hernandez Xavier, Prof. Nissim Fraija

Los Alamos, New Mexico – USA

Prof. Lloyd-Ronning Nicole 

Jagiellonian University, Poland

Prof. Ostrowski Michal 

University of Amsterdam, Netherland

Prof. Rea Nanda Dr. Rownlinson Antonia, Prof. Ralph Wiijers

IASF-Bo, Italy

Prof. Amati Lorenzo, Dr. Giulia Stratta, Dr. de Cesare

University of Naples, Italy

Prof. Capozziello Salvatore, Dr. Fabrizio Cardone, Dr. Ester Piedipalumbo