May 2012 – September 2012, L’Oréal Italia Scholar at University “Scuola Normale”, Pisa, Italy

Conduct a full-time research project from the title “GRB-SNe associated and the La-Ta relation” and promote this research project via public media.

Key achievements

  • The discovery that the luminosity-time relation (Dainotti relation in the afterglow phase) for GRBs associated with SNe Ib/c has a slope=-1.9 implies that a possible energy reservoir in this class of objects is not constant (Dainotti et al. 2017a). This conclusion was drawn from the analysis of 176 GRB afterglow plateaus with known redshifts observed by Swift. This study revealed that the subsample of GRBs with spectroscopically associated SNe (GRB- SNe) show a much higher LT relation than any other analyzed sample and with a much steeper slope (-1.9) than the long GRBs for which the association with the SNe  (GRB-NO-SNe)  has not been seen.  An example of this category is the discussed case of GRB 060614 (Galyam et al. 2014). Furthermore, these SNe Ib/c associated with GRBs also obey the peak-magnitude stretch relation, similar to the one used to standardize the SNe Ia. Due to the possibility that the GRB-SNe sample may be a  real physically motivated one,  it is advisable to consider it separately from the long-GRB-NO-SNe as a future standardizable candle to measure cosmological distances and constrain cosmological parameters.