June 2018 – January 2019, American Astronomical Society Chrétien Fellowship, Washington, DC USA

Conduct a full-time research project on the existence of the LAT lightcurves at high energy, on the redshift extraction through a machine learning tool, and on the radio-loud and quiet GRBs. Mentored 5 undergraduate students at Stanford University.

Key achievements:

  • A comparison between radio-loud and quiet GRBs, and evidence for a potential correlation between intrinsic duration and redshift in the radio-loud population (Lloyd et al. 2019 including Dainotti).
  • A decade of GRBs observed by Fermi-LAT: the second GRB Catalog (Ajello et al. 2019 including Dainotti)
  • The use of GRBs as distance estimator through a machine learning approach (Dainotti et al. 2019, arxiv)